Why we love the Berlin Photoautomat

1st Sep

Taking it back to the old school...


Dotted around Berlin you’ll find a string of working vintage analog photo booths. These booths, known as the Berlin Photoautomats have become a symbol of this eccentric and urban city. The Photoautomats are the real deal: having originally been in use in the fifties and sixties, they have been restored and maintained as part of a project that started in 2004.

There is a real, urban and gritty feel to these reinvigorated booths that make them a natural fit for a youthful and creative city such as Berlin. The rich history of the city is reflected in the retro appearance of the Photoautomats and you’ll even find one located opposite Checkpoint Charlie.



To experience the fun and nostalgia of an authentic, old school Photoautomat, all you need to do is jump in with some friends, slot in €2 and the 60 year old booth will come back to life, presenting you with a beautiful black and white strip photograph - the perfect souvenir to take home from this vibrant city.

Not only do the Photoautomats capture precious moments, they’re also an inspiration for Berlin based photographers. Andrea Padoan uses the cultural significance of Berlin as the inspiration for his photography and has featured the bold design of the Photoautomat as a subject, showing how these photo booths have become an intrinsic part of the identity of this city.

The Photoautomats of Berlin have inspired The Flash Pack in creating the very best photo experiences.  When it came down to designing our hugely popular enclosed Retro Booth, the Photoautomat was a source of inspiration. The Flash Pack created a handmade and bespoke designed booth that recreated the magic of the authentic Photoautomat but with some new, high tech features such as social sharing. Perhaps one of our most popular booths, the Retro Booth allows you to experiences the cool lifestyle of Berlin but with a polished finish that you can share with your online friends.

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