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A clean slate. A blank canvas. A fresh start. We can remove all branding from our social software ready for you to take over. What then? That’s up to you.

Live Sharing

All our booths come social media ready, with live sharing that allows users to email or upload photos in real time. So sit back and let the likes – and the data – roll in.


1 Browse

Select an image to share.


2 Filter

Mix it up with unique filters.


3 Share

Hit the button – and off it goes. You can even pre-load event hashtags for maximum buzz.

Your microsite

Bring your event to life online with a branded microsite. Built-in social sharing links make it easy to track engagement and generate buzz. It’s a great way to get your guests talking.

1 Browse

Users select an image from the booth to email to themselves.

2 Email

Enter an email and the photo is sent to users inbox.

3 Inbox

Greyed out image from user's inbox clicks through to microsite for sharing and product engagement.

4 Microsite

User lands on your desktop/ mobile compatible platform to share images.

Benefits Microsite Sharing

- Keep an eye on your ROI – Track shares, reach, and insight. Measure banner clicks, website visits and competition engagement.

- Unplugged? Don’t panic. Our software stores emails sent offline, then pings them off once you’re back online.

- Competition time – We can help you create your own photo competitions and host them on a customised platform.

- Always be selling – Link your microsite to your sales site and give your product a push.

  • Customisable HTML
  • Encourage users to engage in promotions
  • Clickable buttons to automatically share
  • Embeddable Gifs/Video

Simple Surveys

Ever wondered what people really think of your product or service? We can help you find out, with an interactive survey built into your booth. It’s minimal faff – your guests take a photo, answer a few questions, and bingo! Their print pops out. Then, we’ll send you all of that delicious data after the event.

The options:


  • Free text fields
  • Multiple choice
  • Radio buttons

Custom Overlay

Add your own messages to every image before you print or share it.

White Label

Unlike a leopard, we can change our spots. In fact we can reconfigure to any shape you desire. Our app is your app, make it yours.


Zoe Barker

Senior Creative Account Manager

0203 875 5521

Gemma Harvey

Senior Creative Account Manager

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